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This section of our WEBSITE deals with the problems of stolen
or missing production equipment.

The past few years have seen a gigantic increase in the incidence of stolen film and video equipment.

We have directly assisted the Los Angeles and Dallas Police Departments as well as the FBI in the apprehension of persons trafficking in stolen professional equipment.

Many of our customers are concerned about stolen equipment from two different points of view.

As far as securing what you own from being stolen, we suggest that you call your local police department where there is usually a special detail available to give advice and assistance.

As far as making sure you do not purchase equipment which may have been stolen, we suggest that you consider the following tips when buying used equipment:

  • 1. When buying from an individual, ask to see an original bill of sale as proof of ownership.

  • 2. Check with the original selling dealer to verify this bill of sale.

  • 3. Check with local and national law enforcement agencies for validation of serial numbers.

  • 4. Look carefully for altered or missing serial numbers and be suspicious of oddly incomplete equipment packages.

  • 5. Get a signed statement from owner verifying his legal right to sell his equipment.

  • 6. Verify that the equipment has no liens against it.

  • 7. Make sure you know the person or dealer you are buying from.

  • 8. If you are buying from a dealer or broker, make sure they are legitimately in business and incorporated with full liability insurance.

We know that checking out all of the above facts is very time consuming, but someone needs to do it or you, as a buyer, are not properly protected in making your purchase. Anyone possessing stolen equipment runs the risk of prosecution. The true film and video professional has no time or patience for this kind of uncertainty.

When dealing with Pro Video & Film Equipment Company you can rest assured that all of the above precautions are handled for you. We carefully check out each piece of used equipment and certify that its origin is correct.

We have begun to maintain a database for our clients that will keep track of stolen equipment reported to us. We will assist in forwarding this information to the proper agencies as well as keep an eye open for the equipment if it should ever turn up in our area.

Have You Had Something Stolen?

Please let us know if you have had some equipment stolen by e-mailing us this information. Give us as much information about the equipment as you can - especially make, model and serial number - and we will add it to our list. Also please let us know if and when it is returned so that we may maintain our file up to date.

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